FORMS: Application, Consent & Future Themes

             You are the next generation

                    of Bermuda Artists

Each school is guaranteed 2 spaces at the GALLERY SHOW. All students, M3 – Grade 12/IB/S4, can participate WITHIN their school. The art teacher will choose the BEST 2 students to represent their school. These 2 students will then submit their applications, co-signed by the art teacher and their parents/ guardians, by April 30th. Private and public schools combined have a total of 30 reserved spaces. Home school students have 10 reserved spaces. The student will submit the application, co-signed by the parents/ guardians by April 30th. If more than 10 home school students apply, then the artwork will be PRE-JUDGED. The BEST 10 will join the other 30 students for the gallery show of 40 student’s artwork in June for formal judging and the people’s choice vote.

This is an island wide inter-school art competition. 


             PLEASE             Complete and Sign 

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