Harvey Cooper Award

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Harvey Cooper Award - A Middle and High School Student Art Award
Presented by Margot Kerry Harvey and Travis Cooper for students aged 13 - 19
Theme for 2020 : What This Song Means to Me

ONLINE VOTING from MONDAY December 7th to WEDNEDSAY December 16th. WINNERS announced THURSDAY December 17th.

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ALL ARTWORK IS FOR SALE. Please email harveycooperaward@gmail.com to purchase. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.
River of Tears - SOLD
Daydreamer's Night - SOLD
All of Me - SOLD
Scars to Your Beautiful- SOLD

DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE ARTWORK IN PERSON. Stop BY BREW (Next door to PICKLED ONION) on Front Street for the Pop Up Student Art Gallery. The students' artwork will be displayed starting on MONDAY December 7th. Please wear your mask when going into BREW to view the student pop up art gallery.

The management of BREW has waived all commission fees, so the students can keep all the money from the sale of their artwork. Many thanks to BREW for providing the space to showcase Bermuda's young talent.

Participating students are listed below:

Century Robinson Age 12 for Bermuda Center for Creative Learning
Arima Turner Age 12, Miniya Wainwright Age 17 and Layla Williams Age 16 for BHS
Yukia Hall Age 16 and Jasmeen Codrington - Edmead Age 17 for Cedarbridge
Kelsey DeSilva Age 17, Amber Furtado Age 18 and Christina Stephens Weser Age 15 for MSA
Frankie Arnold Age 17, Naomi Every Age 14, Laylah Hunt Age 15, Dabney Reed Age 16 and Paris Seymour Age 17 for Somersfield

The names of the students and the schools are INTENTIONALLY NOT listed next to artwork as we want you to vote based on your favourite image NOT your favourite school or favourite student.

All Of Me $300 SOLD SOLD SOLD Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 23 x 24 x 1 Inches Price WITH Frame $300 The Lyrics of John Legend’s song ‘All of Me’ released in 2013 includes the lyrics “My head’s underwater, but I’m breathing fine. You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind.’ I wanted to show how water can be both calming and purifying as well as suffocating and powerful. When looking at the subject, just like the words in the song, it can be seen as someone drowning which is a more mournful view but another view is that the girl is at peace and ‘ breathing fine’ like the lyrics of the song which is about the uncontrollable feelings of being in love. The portrait is designed to be a metaphor for the song with the beautiful and unsettling lyrics. I chose acrylic to have a soft blend effect with the water as well as a bold effect for the facial expression.
Baby Girl $100 Medium: Drawing with Colored Pencil Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 14 inches Price WITH Frame $100 I chose this song by Fern, a 10 year old You Tube musician, because I like the lyrics because they remind me of love and people should be loved for who they are. A few of the song lyrics are, “Baby I just want to love you. This is my EMOTIONS. Let me show you how to LOVE. Baby just Keep dancing non -stop like it is slow motion. “ My picture describes a lot of emotion. On the left of the picture shows happy emotion and on the right hand side of the picture shows sad emotion. In the center of the picture is an abstract picture I think emotion looks like to me. The top of the picture represents the crown source of emotion which is filling the emotional energy inside a person’s heart. The image of the eyes shows good energy and bad energy of a girl in love which shows how the feeling of love can make you feel full of emotions. For example - happy, sad or mad. The love hearts and big red lips show happy feelings of love which is very vibrant.
Cake $125 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 20 x 16 X ¾ Inches Price WITHOUT Frame $300 My artwork CAKE is my interpretation of the song “Cake” by Melanie Martinez. This song depicts how girls can feel like they give away parts of themselves like pieces of cake. Cake is a woman’s severed head on a platter with a portion of her face cut away exposing the inside which is a layered cake. The painting is meant to be meaningful and though provoking.
Colours of My Soul $80 Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1 Inch Price WITH Frame $100 “The Colour of Your Soul” is inspired by the song “Oblivion” by Grimes and is featured around the lyrics “ I need someone else , to look into my eyes and tell me girl you better watch your health” I used the medium acrylic in my painting because I wanted the soul to be solid and emotions to feel more vivid and the reason I used black canvas is because it’s my interpretation of what oblivion truly feels and looks like. In the painting I am looking into my own eyes, because I want to save myself, from myself. It portrays having a fear of losing myself , and the irony of piece being name “ The Colour of Your Soul” though being a self-portrait, is due to me wanting people to see themselves through the cracks of my imperfections- because every soul is a mirror that you can see yourself in and the cracks only help guide the way.
Daydreamer's Night $100 SOLD SOLD SOLD Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 4 canvases - 2 are 6 x 6 inches , 2 are 8 x 10 inches Price WITHOUT Frame $100 Whenever I get overwhelmed by schoolwork or I had a bad day I go outside at night to take a moment to look at the night sky and listen to music. Admiring the beauty of the night sky along with a song like Amore Mio Aivtami always relaxes me and reminds me how vast the universe is.
GOLD $100 Medium: Chalk Pastel and Gold Foil Dimensions: 9 x 12 Inches Price WITH Frame $150 The song I chose to base my work off of is GOLD by Brockhampton. One line in the songs says, “Green looks good with your envy” this influenced my use of green and black pastel that makes the woman in my drawing look malnourished. I then scattered gold foil in the background as well as on the woman's earrings. My work is a comment on the detrimental effect of materialistic values. These values drive envy and jealousy that can progressively wear down an individual mental and physical state.
Heathens $100 Medium: Drawing with Pencil Crayons Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches Price WITH Frame $150 My artwork was inspired by the song “Heathens” as it shows the Joker whom is typically an outcast, unlikeable and judged. It shows him looking miserable, a low gaze and appears to be shedding a tear as his makeup is running slightly. I used pencil crayons to capture the vivid colors of the Joker.
Hope $50 Medium: Drawing with Pencil Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches Price WITH Frame $100 The artwork shows a small child looking out the window to a city closed down due to COVID – 19. The streets are void of any people as it is during a time of quarantine. During this, the child is thinking of a time where the pandemic will finally be announced as over. Although there is still a hint of not knowing what would happen in the future as the thought is void of any people. Along with this, there is the chorus of the chosen song shown on the artwork and earphones connected to a phone, showing that the child listening to music. The song used is called Better Days by One Republic.
Objectifying Sexualization $600 Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 24 x 36 Inches Price WITHOUT Frame $600 Originally inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” I’ve chosen to collectively create a piece that speaks upon not only the normalized standards of society in which one’s body is overly sexualized especially that of a woman, but also objectified. In which is also implied throughout this song, everyday life and most importantly lyric culture. By using grey tones I’ve aimed to bring attention to the dull body as a whole rather than any surroundings. In which one can conclude that the body is of most importance. However, the major element I’ve focused on throughout the piece is leaving out the facial structure in order to emphasize yet again how no longer is a deeper connection needed or made in the relationships of individuals as a whole whether it be mentally or emotionally as the only matter is relying on physical attributes. Which in overall creates an obsessive over sexualization and vivid concept of objectification.
Pocket Full of Sunshine $300 Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 18 x 18 inches Price WITHOUT Frame $300 The art piece includes a quarter of a yellow sunflower poking out of a blue denim jean pant pocket with stitching and brass rivets details. The main colour of the sunflower is a yellow orange with three darker yellow orange stripes along the middle of the sunflower petals. In between the petals is an orange for the petals that are behind. In the centre of the sunflower a dark brown was used with a lighter brown band going out to the petals. The artwork is inspired by the song “Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield. The sunflower represents sunshine and the pocket is the blue denim jean pocket.
POV $200 Medium: Mixed Media – Coloring Pencil and Acrylic Wash Dimensions: 19 ½ x 15 x 1 ½ Inches Price WITH Frame $200 The piece relates to the song POV by Ariane Grande and the lyrics all of my pretty and all of my ugly too. The work is about internal beauty and outside beauty. I used coloring pencils as they are nice to blend to create a soft look with an acrylic wash underneath.
River of Tears $300 SOLD SOLD SOLD Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 36 x 12 x 0.75 Inches Price WITHOUT Frame $300 I selected a song “River of Tears” to base my artwork off of. While hardships and issues were surrounding me, I would fall back to this song. I created a piece with a waterfall coming out of the eye, referring to crying. Then having rocks surrounding the river referring to my hardships. This piece allowed me to express my feeling and thoughts from my past.
Title: Scars to Your Beautiful $200 SOLD SOLD SOLD Medium: Dimensions: 18 x 12 inches Price WITH Frame $200 This Painting is a painting inspired by “scars to your beautiful” showing the beauty in women and how women feel inside, but also explains how women feel about themselves and how they should always remember that they are beautiful no matter what. The flowers explain how women feel about themselves and how women are beautiful. The waterfall explains what is going through her mind and how she should wash away what people think. Above the waterfall is her idea of a perfect life.
Wait $400 SOLD SOLD SOLD Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 28 x 22 x ¾ Inches Price WITHOUT Frame $400 My artwork was inspired by the lyric, “I am the one thing in life I can control.“ The artwork is of a girl sitting in a pond and as the water and plants are able to flow freely, she can only control herself in this moment. The idea of being able to do as you please as long as it is not causing harm to another person is shown in my piece. This is by having the girl in an uncomfortable and not conventional situation while also showing the beauty of this event. I wanted this artwork to convey the elements of peace and beauty, when you decide to take control of your life and follow your path. This song means to me that I am on my own path in life and everyone’s pace is different. And sometimes I have to remind myself that I am always in control of my life and big things are to come in the future I just have to wait.

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