2022 Students’ Artwork

Theme for 2022: I Think I See A Pattern Here

PERSONAL CHOICE. Show the viewer a pattern in nature, a pattern of behavior, a recurring series of actions or any repetition that you see in the world around you.

Butterfly Effect

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas Dimensions: 16 x 20 inches Price WITHOUT Frame: $275

Title: Butterfly Effect

Name of Student: Cadence Grayston

School: Mount Saint Agnes (MSA)

Student Age: 17

Tiny things can have a huge impact. This is why I chose butterflies to represent my pattern design. As butterflies emerge out of their cocoons, so will I come out of bad situations better and stronger than ever. My experiences, challenges, and lessons have shaped the person that I am and will become. The Butterfly Effect theory states that the tiniest action can change the course of one’s whole life-meaning that the smallest change towards one’s goals will make the difference. 

The contrast of the blue and orange butterflies represents opposites and emotions. These colors have a lot of emotional weight to them, as they symbolize a variety of opposing concepts, such as hot and cold, and even passion and distance.

Butterflies are my favorite insect because they appear to dance as they flutter among the flowers. They remind me to not take things so seriously in life. They awaken a sense of lightness and joy. They remind me to get up and move, for if I do not move, I cannot dance.. 

Chorus WINNER 2022

WINNER ONLINE People’s Choice High School Prize $1000

SOLD $400

Chorus Medium: Acrylic On Canvas Dimensions: 24 x 24 inches Price WITH Frame: $400

Title: Chorus

Name of Student: Naomi Every

School: Somersfield Academy

Student Age: 16

In Bermuda every night, we can be assured of singing from our beloved tree frogs. There has to be thousands and thousands of them to make such a chorus. Sometimes we are not even aware of them because it is such a common occurrence. This sound may be nature’s way of lulling us to sleep. The tree frog’s talent and pattern of behaviour formed the concept of this painting.

In the background is an arrangement of scratchy dry brush strokes. Light splotches of splattered paint are also used to the simulate dew or mist which a tree frog would likely encounter in their nightly activity. Bold colour was formed into a shape of drips, a ledge-like image and vibrant stars which are meant to evoke the blissful outdoor playground of tree frogs.

Lastly, a tree frog drawing was made into a stencil and replicated a number of times. Although tree frogs’ colour usually blend in with nature, this painting depicts them with vivid colours in an effort to emphasize their springy and effervescent nature. This artwork is designed imagining the nightly adventures of tree frogs and the chaos within the harmony.

Emotions of Life

MEDIUM: Pastels Dimensions: 24 x 18 Inches Price WITHOUT Frame: $85

Title: Emotions of Life

Name of Student: Siena Frankson  

School: Whitney Institute Middle School

Student Age: 12

My artwork expresses the different parts of something It could be life, work, school, a curricular activity, anything that you choose.in this piece, it is life. This is because in my art piece, it has light tones as well as dark tones, just as if life has good days and bad ones. Each color has been accompanied by another color. brights with brights, rich with deeps, vivid with intense and black sits alone with its sadness and darkness, not effecting the others. It is separated by a tear rain drop or the stroke of a standard round brush type shape. bolded in black, not one color out of place or mixed with the wrong one. Blank white bubbles of different sizes, outline with a thin black line in a margin isolated from the overwhelming colors. Big blank circles and puddle shapes being protected from all the colors with a thick black outline. Overall, the color and lines that separate the emotion is the major element of the piece that gives it character.

Everyone Is Watching Me

Medium: Charcoal Dimensions: 18 x 12 inches Price WITHOUT Frame: $100

Title: Everyone Is Watching Me

Name of Student: Sanaa Berkeley

School: Berkeley Institute

Student Age: 16

The piece I created is called “Everyone is Watching Me.” I went with this name because of the mental disorder of social anxiety. Social anxiety is the overwhelming fear of social situations. This makes you feel like everyone is watching you and criticizing your actions, so you never want to express yourself publicly. This disorder is a never-ending cycle; if not treated as every time you go out in public, you will always feel this way, and your friends may notice a pattern in how you act and behave around other people.


Medium: Watercolor Dimensions: 12 x 18 inches Price WITHOUT Frame: $ 200

Title: Evolution

Name of Student: Kenya Smith – Woodley

School: Berkeley Institute

Student Age: 16

This art piece is not really focusing on common patterns like dots or zigzags but is more so focusing on patterns in life like life cycles. Butterflies and Moths, are not born as majestic flying creatures, it is a process that takes place, and these insects are the result. That is what my piece is about, the life cycle of a both a Moth and Butterfly. Reason being that you never know the result until you go through the process.

Eye Sea Danger WINNER 2022

WINNER Judges’ 1ST Place Prize $1000

SOLD $300

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches Price WITHOUT Frame: $300

Title: Eye Sea Danger

Name of Student: Chelsea Scarth

School: Mount Saint Agnes (MSA)

Student Age: 16

This piece that I named “Eye Sea Danger”” focuses on the danger caused by plastic pollution. In this piece you can see an eye crying while there is a whale jumping out of a sea of plastic. The whale made out of plastic, shows how whales consume plastic without even realizing it.

The pattern in this painting is about the cycle of plastic in the ocean. Plastic gets thrown into the ocean, people then collect some of the plastic out of the ocean, then it sadly gets put right back in.

Plastic in the ocean causes a lot of damage not only to the ecosystem underwater but to us as well. Fish eat the plastic and then we consume the fish which causes us to get sick.

The plastic pieces are actually collected from the beaches in Bermuda. This piece has a lot of meaning to me because when I was collecting the plastic, it wasn’t hard to find..We try to keep our oceans clean, but plastic will forever remain in our oceans unless we start to do something about it. This painting is meant to bring awareness of the dangers of plastic in our waters.

Eyes of Society WINNER 2022

WINNER Judges’ 3RD Place Prize $250

SOLD $200

Medium: Pastels Dimensions: 11x 14 inches WITHOUT Frame $200

Title: Eyes Of Society

Name of Student: Emily Dunstan

School: Mount Saint Agnes (MSA)

Student Age: 16

The main person in my work is colorful, which represents the freedom of being yourself. In the background I created it, to demonstrate the idea of society’s eye on someone who is “different” from the norm. Completely black and white in their eyes creating a sense of judgement staring at the person in the middle. Society attempts to make everyone the same with its pre constructed ideas on what should be accepted. My art is an attempt to demolish those ideas and demonstrate if you remain yourself, un-affected by society, you can be free.

Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots WINNER 2022

WINNER ONLINE People’s Choice Middle School Prize $100

MEDIUM: Charcoal and Pencil Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches  Price WITH Frame:  $200

Title: Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots

Name of Student: Zoe Mir

School: Somersfield Academy

Student Age: 13

The first thing I thought of when I heard the theme “I Think I See a Pattern Here” was a leopard. They are majestic creatures that have served as a symbol of resilience for centuries.

This artwork is based off a photo I took while visiting the Philadelphia Zoo with family. The leopard was pacing around the front of its enclosure as people crowded around it, and it made me realize how unfairly we sometimes act towards animals. Not only does the leopard’s beautiful rosette-dotted fur have a pattern, but human beings continue to mistreat wild animals – an uncomfortable pattern that demands reflection.

Patterns of Two, Patterns of Three WINNER 2022

Honorable Mention Prize $150

MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches Price WITHOUT Frame: $300

Title: Patterns of Two, Patterns of Three

Name of Student: Lyla Costa Azevedo

School: Whitney Institute Middle School

Student Age: 12

Patterns of two for each set of rocks and the two clouds with rays of sunshine coming down..I used different shades and tints of greens on the rocks and also in the ocean. There is a dark shade of blue in a gradient that moves the eye to the back as it goes into the sky.

There are two mountains with a blue sky background with twelve rocks in patterns of three in the foreground. There are waves splashing on the bottom rocks.


Medium: Charcoal Dimensions: 18 x 12 inches Price WITHOUT Frame: $75

Title: Sidewalk

Name of Student: ShaZari Burrows

School: Berkeley Institute

Student Age: 17

My piece is a close up view of a sidewalk.  I done my piece on this because it’s something that I see in everyday life and is an easily recognizable pattern to me.  Sidewalks usually have a very distinct look to them and here in Bermuda they are mainly concrete with no design but there are some places here that have this distinct brick pattern and I love to see it.  The design relates to patterns very literally using a trademark sidewalk pattern.

Through Tinted Glasses WINNER 2022

WINNER Judges’ 2ND Place Prize $500

Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 20 x 16 Inches Price WITH Frame: $400 Price WITHOUT Frame: $300

Title: Through Tinted Glasses

Name of Student: Samantha Rance

School: Bermuda High School ( BHS )

Student Age: 15

I interpreted this theme from the idea of a behavioral pattern of an attention bias to reach happiness, clinging to an idea of what they want something to be. This piece was based on the idiom “She’s always looked at life through rose-tinted glasses”. Which means only seeing pleasant things about a situation and not notice what’s unpleasant. This painting represents a snapshot into that state of mind in relationships. The piece is black, white and pink – showing she turned a blind eye and filtered out everything around her, even the things she believed were pleasant. In the language of flowers, daisies represent naivety and pink oleanders mean bewitching desire and caution due to the Greek myth of Leander (where he drowned and was found by his lover still clutching the flowers he picked for her). Receiving this bouquet shows the bad intent from another since these plants are extremely toxic and a single leaf could kill an adult. The background hints to a spiral (showing her spellbound state) or a target (she’s being targeted). The paint on her face is a literal representation of seeing through tinted lenses and almost being completely immersed in one’s thoughts and feelings.