2023 Students’ Artwork

THEME 2023 Down To Earth : PERSONAL CHOICE. One Planet . Your Future. Show the effects of climate change, locally or globally.

High School

The Abandonment

SOLD $300

Title: The Abandonment

Medium and Size: Acrylic 16 x 12 inches

Price: $300

Name of Student: Chelsea Scarth

School: Mount Saint Agnes Academy (MSA)

Age 17

The theme for this year inspired me to create a piece with some 3D elements. When I heard the theme was down to earth, I imagined something being broken down and abandoned. When I looked at photos to inspire myself, I found mostly abandoned buildings which made me realize what happens to everything. People create beautiful things for their own use and then when they get bored, they abandon it and leave it to fall apart while they go and find or build something new. It also made me make the connection between buildings and the Earth. Humans use these similar things for their own personal gain before destroying it and looking for a new place. Like the Earth, humans have used and destroyed the Earth for their own personal gain and once they realize their mistake they go and look for somewhere else to live, another planet. I hope that this painting can remind people of the beauty of Earth, reclaiming the land that was taken from it.

Beauty After The Flame WINNER

WINNER 2023 Judges’ 3rd Place Prize $250

WINNER 2023 ONLINE People’s Choice High School Prize $1000

SOLD $225

Title: Beauty After The Flame

Medium and Size: Pencil Crayon 14.5 x 17.75 Inches

Price: $225

Name of Student: Katarina Cardosa

School: Mount Saint Agnes Academy (MSA)

Age 17

I approached the theme ” Down to Earth” with a literal interpretation, aiming to depict a human enveloped by nature. Initially, my vision involved endowing the figure with feminine features to align with the concept of Mother Nature. As the theme evolved and gained more nuanced descriptions, adjustments to my original idea became necessary. Notably, the setting of the forest underwent a transformation. Contemplating the pressing issue of climate change, particularly the surge in forest fires due to escalating temperatures, influenced my decision. Consequently, I reimagined the forest she reclined in as one recently  ravaged by fire, marked by charred trees, and scorched grass.

Considering the essence of my initial concept, I adapted the portrayal of the woman lying in the forest to convey the Earth reclaiming the ravaged terrain. This is evident in the rejuvenated greenery surrounding her and the vines that appear to be reclaiming the scorched landscape.  This nuanced transformation reflects a poignant narrative of nature’s resilience amidst adversity. 

The Cost of Your Conscience WINNER

WINNER 2023 Judges’ 1st  Place Prize $1000

SOLD $250

Title: The Cost of Your Conscience

Medium and Size: Acrylic 18 x 14 Inches

Price: $250

Name of Student: Samantha Rance

School: Bermuda High School (BHS)

Age 16

The theme Down to Earth is represented by The Cost of Your Conscience expressing the balance between ethics and the constant allure of money. No one is immune to its influence, which has resulted in harming the planet. The phrase generally refers to the blurred boundary between good and evil. The dollar sign represents money from a corrupt source, serving as a reminder that he will never truly be above its control. The pin, while visually close to his heart, suggests that his support of the environment is superficial. Its somber tones hint a sense of foreboding. Its consequence being what everyone has to face due to these actions.

Halfway There

Title: Halfway There

Medium and Size: Acrylic 14 x 18 inches

Price: $400

Name of Student: Tai Cedenio

School: Warwick Academy

Age 15

In my piece of artwork, entitled “Halfway There.” I decided to do this competition because I believe that publication of artwork that supports climate change is particularly important to make a difference. In addition, I do not always believe in my skills when it comes to artistic competitions, but after spending weeks producing ideas and failing, I found one that I was set on and was determined to do it. On the right side of my piece, it shows what our Earth could be like if we took care of it properly. The left side of the piece is especially important because it shows what is the catalyst for climate change. By using the title of “Halfway There,” I am inviting my viewers to interpret the painting for themselves. Whether we are halfway there to a green earth with all the environmental projects that have recently been started is contrasted by the idea that we are still on track to a disfigured Earth that is overtaken by climate change. I hope that this piece encourages you to ponder what you can do to help with protecting our Earth, and I look forward to the possibility of a day when we no longer worry about the future of our planet.

Not All Hope Is Lost

Title: Not All Hope is Lost

Medium and Size: Graphite and Watercolor 16 x 18 Inches

Price: $350

Name of Student: Scarlett Smale

School: Bermuda High School (BHS)

Age 15

The element of the theme I was inspired by was the idea of climate change, the exploitation of natural resources and the general harming of our planet at the cost of nature. The concept explores the two opposite, futures of our planet. The whale symbolizes a dystopian, urban, unnatural world with nature carrying civilization on its back and being exploited. To contrast, I wanted this ‘future’ to be larger to emphasize its importance and show how this is the more likely option. The turtle symbolizes the idealistic, green, symbiotic future although this is an option and not all hope is lost is the turtle swimming towards the plastic bag showing we are not heading in the right direction. I think this is seen through my use of color and medium. The use of the graphite makes the whale-future seem depressing and undesirable. The use of watercolor makes the turtle-future appear vibrant and full of light and life and favorable. I wanted to create an almost ‘layer like’ composition and by having the whale be larger it shows the weight of this idea/future. For the details of this piece it was important that humans were still included in the turtle-future in a less destructive manner. I wanted to highlight both the causes of negative environmental effects (e.g oil drums, urbanization, power, pollution) and the potential solutions (wind power and reforestation).

Protect Mother Earth

Title: Protect Mother Earth 

Medium and Size:  Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 24 inches

Price: $500

Name of Student: Naomi Every

School: Somersfield Academy

Age 17

The inspiration for Protect Mother Earth is the idea that we need to cherish and take care of the Earth we have been given.  Since we have many threats to our world, such as global warming, our action or inaction makes a difference. The magnifying glass focuses on Bermuda and is meant to bring awareness to our community. The mother in this artwork is radiating positive energy as she is cradling the planet with love. My hope is that everyone carefully considers each choice they make daily to live in harmony with nature, so we can all enjoy the Earth for many years to come. We all need to be Down to Earth.

Smogged Out

Title: Smogged Out

Medium and Size:  Charcoal and Chalk Pastels 15 x 12.9 inches

Price: $225

Name of Student: Nia – Rene Outerbridge

School: Mount Saint Agnes Academy ( MSA)

Age 17

With the title ” Down to Earth”  my initial thought was about decomposition and the ideas around the cycle of life.  However, with the extension of the prompt, I changed my idea to reflect air pollution and how in the future, if things continue where they are going, we might have to wear masks outside.  My picture is supposed to reflect a grim future in which nothing is done and the air has become toxic. I wanted this picture to reflect where there is no hope, because if nothing is done to combat climate change and we go past the point of no return, then it is to late.

Subversion of Harmony WINNER

WINNER 2023 Judges’ 2nd  Place Prize $500

SOLD $500

Title: Subversion of Harmony

Medium and Size:  Oil 11 x 14 inches

Price: $500

Name of Student: Lily Cornes

School: Bermuda High School (BHS)

Age 16

This piece represents the global effects of climate change, portraying a wildfire on an island and a storm above a turbulent sea. Wildfires are becoming more frequent due to increased surface temperature and droughts, hurricanes intensify as the sea temperature rise and increasing global temperatures melting glaciers lead to rising sea levels. There are three faces in the painting, coming out of the fire, rising from the sea and emerging from the storm. The angry facial expressions emphasize the destruction we bring and how our ” innovation” ends up pitting the forces of nature against each other. Without human influence, Earth would remain balanced and in harmony. In fact wildfires clear away dead vegetation so new growth occurs, waves unearth food for the seabed for fish and hurricanes can bring rainfall to dryer areas. Nature is more resilient than we think the Earth will continue to thrive long after our actions destroy us. This is reflected in piece as fire, waves and storms are all temporary. Overall this piece aims to show the corrosive impact we have on our planet that corrupts the natural elements to the point where events that should be beneficial are causing large scale destruction to the ecosystem.


Brutality WINNER

WINNER 2023 Honorable Mention $150

Title: Brutality

Medium and Size: Acrylic 14 x 11 Inches

Price: $300

Name of Student: Silana D’Souza

School: Whitney Institute Middle School

Age 13

The painting is a reflection of climate change. One half of the painting features the clean planet. When climate change was not as bad. Then there is a water reflection into the other side of the painting, which shows the landscape mountains dry, the plants dead/dying. The painting shows how the changes in the world effect the most breath taking places. The orange mountains in the painting shows the melting of some of the snow and the color change of the heat coming from the sun due to the ozone layer having a hole. The painting is a reflection, so you can flip the painting upside down and it would still reflect the climate change theme. The painting shows that you can do little things to help with climate and it helps to inspire people to do something about the Earth’s disputes.

God Holds The World WINNER

WINNER 2023 ONLINE People’s Choice Middle School Prize $100

Title: God Holds The World

Medium and Size: Acrylic 16 x 16 Inches

Price: $777

Name of Student: Jaime Cedenio

School: Warwick Academy

Age 13

The artwork “God Holds the World” conveys a message about the importance of taking care of our planet. The words climate change refers to long-term shifts and alterations in temperature patterns, precipitation, wind patterns, and other aspects of Earth’s climate system. It is primarily caused by human activities, particularly the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. I had multiple ideas, but I felt like this one had the most creativity and meaning, I thought it would get across better and easier. The painting depicts God holding up the world while emphasizing the negative impact humans have on the world through actions such as climate change. It expresses concern for the environment and highlights the need for clean energy, sustainability, clean air, and recycling as ways to combat climate change. We need to come together as a community and help stop climate change. I know we can’t do everything, but we can help. Some things that we can do to help are, spread awareness, support international cooperation and policies, promote circular economy and waste reduction, adopt sustainable agriculture practices, encourage the use of public transport and transition to renewable energy. The hope is that the painting inspires viewers to act and care for the planet.


Title: Mushroom

Medium and Size: Acrylic 11 x 14 Inches

Price: $150

Name of Student: Kayla Decouto

School: Whitney Institute Middle School

Age 13

The painting centers on a girl walking through a foresty area. The area contains trees, bush and brightly colored mushrooms. The mushrooms are one of the main elements. The eye catching colors catch people’s attention. The girl is walking towards buildings on a hill. The hill is gray and in the distance, lacking a plant or sight of green. The road leading up the road is darker and man – made. The buildings are releasing smoke and smog covering the sun and sky. There are also trees in the front, showing shadowing and highlights.