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        A chance for Bermuda’s students

   to express what matters to them the most. 

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Travis Cooper

There are different kinds of art. The best art is a way to record the artists’ values, beliefs and feelings. Art allows the artists to show others how they interpret the world and their experiences in the world.

Margot Kerry Harvey

Art should cause an emotional reaction. The artist has created a particular point of view that is very personal to them. Hours of focus each day to create a piece of artwork that represents who they are and what they have seen. Art can explore the reality of a generation. I wanted to create a space where our young people’s thoughts can be shared with the community.


                                                   Theme 2022 


                                      I Think I See A Pattern Here


Show the viewer a pattern in nature, a pattern of behaviour, a recurring series of actions or any repetition that you see in the world around you.


                                           EXAMPLES ARE GIVEN BELOW

Theme 2022 : I Think I See A Pattern Here

Dream Catcher By Margot Kerry Harvey

We have now entered our 3rd year of COVID.
I had not participated in a formal art class
for 2 years. I saw a class with an artist I
admired, who was going to teach a technique
I always wanted to learn. I signed up.

Dream Catcher was my final project submission
using all the techniques I had learned
in the 6 weeks of classes. It represents the
fluidity of how I have had to move through
the past two years, going with whatever happened, things over which I had no control, hoping it would
get better the next day.



Margot Kerry Harvey


                                                 THEME 2021


                                             Hindsight is 2020

YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE. The students are to show their viewpoint of the year 2020. This can cover any issue that was important to the student -personally, locally or globally. 


                                         EXAMPLES ARE GIVEN BELOW.

THEME 2021: Hindsight is 2020

Typical Day at The Beach By Travis Cooper

2020 was the year, everything we knew was turned upside down. A normal beach scene instead of being easily recognizable, now is harder to interpret. Just like all the simple things at home, at work, with family and friends, we took for granted were harder to do with COVID.


Travis Cooper


THEME 2021: Hindsight is 2020

New Hope by Margot Kerry Harvey

November 7th 2020 Staying up late to watch the US election results. A feeling of elation at the reality of the first South Indian, Jamaican, African – American, daughter of immigrants and female being elected Vice President of the United States.  Margot Kerry Harvey

Margot Kerry Harvey




THEME 2020

What This Song Means To Me

YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE. The students are to select a song or song lyrics that are meaningful to them. Please quote the lines from which you gained inspiration.


THEME 2020 – What this song means to me

IMAGINE by John Lennon

Blocks of Color by Margot Kerry Harvey

” Imagine all the people sharing all the world”

“And the world will live as one” 

Inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Neo Plasticism


Margot Kerry Harvey


THEME 2020- What This Song Means To Me

ROCKET MAN by Elton John

Three Ladies By Travis Cooper

“It’s just my job five days a week”

A man has to travel long distances for his job, misses family time with his wife and children.

Historical Context. First moon landing July 20, 1969. Song Released March 3, 1972.

Travis Cooper


THEME 2020 – What This Song Means To Me

FIGHTER Christina Aguilera

RHINO, Rare Strength by Margot Kerry Harvey

“Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter”

Look into the eye of the Rhino. There is so much strength in that gaze. A Fighter.

Margot Kerry Harvey


THEME 2020-What This Song Means To Me


The Sailboat by Travis Cooper

“Let me sail, let me sail.

Sail away, sail away, sail away

We love to travel. The ultimate trip, to sail or cruise around the world. 


Travis Cooper