” I have been drawing since I was 6 and have continued to paint into adulthood. Art is as important to me as my day job.
My childhood friend, Victoria Pereira, had always mentioned her daughter, Alexis Wild, was creative. One day, she had posted on her status, a picture of Alexis’ artwork. I asked Victoria, Who did this?  She replied my daughter. Alexis had composed a painting that had techniques of design and perspective that I am still trying to learn. I asked to see more of her work.
Alexis is quiet and shy if you don’t know her. She is an artist who uses art to speak and through her art she has found her voice. Her paintings have a clear message. Thank you Alexis for being my inspiration. 
Alexis is really talented. I told Victoria that she should submit a piece for an upcoming art show. Victoria called me back and said because her daughter’s painting had already been displayed publicly, the artwork could not be entered in the competition. This irritated me.
Sometimes you can talk and talk about a problem and feel better and sometimes you have to do something about it. So I saw a NEED and I made a PLAN. I was going to start my own student art competition. An inter – school art competition.  The best students across the island would compete against each other just as sports teams do.
Over the next 6 months, I made detailed lists of what needed to be done, pages and pages of items. Each week I would cross a few things off on the lists.  I taught myself how to use GIMP, WordPress, Edit with Elementor  and Shutterstock by watching YouTube videos, so that I could design a logo and customize my website from scratch. 
There were many mistakes, including the rookie mistake of forgetting to press save. Every error along the way got me to the next step and closer to a finished product. I was determined to control how I was represented.  It was a steep learning curve but I learned a lot. I am proud of what I created.
People often ask me, when did you have time to create this. I’m married with two small children and a full time demanding job. There is an age old saying when you are passionate about something, you never have to work at it. I looked forward to turning on my computer at 10pm, after my paperwork was done and everyone was asleep, and working on designing until 2am.  This was my free time to enjoy the quiet, focus and let my mind create. I had so much fun watching everything come together one puzzle piece at a time.
I had a few close friends that I trusted to give me their honest opinion. Constructive criticism. A friend told me to make changes to the flow of the language on the website when I felt it was already finished. I thought I have nailed the logo at attempt number 20. My friend told me to only keep one element and basically start the logo again from scratch. The logo took another 33 attempts until I had a design I was satisfied with. Logo #53 is on the website. I knew my friends were not being mean but wanted me to present my best effort. When you are creating, especially when the work is completely your own invention and very personal, you have to be willing to put your ego aside to grow and improve the work. Trust your instincts but also trust the feedback of a few select people who want to see you succeed.
I want all future artists to know that their point of view and creativity deserves to be shared with the world. I wanted to create a space where student talent could be recognized. So I present to Bermuda the Harvey Cooper Award. ”   Interview with Margot Kerry Harvey


ART can showcase the different sides of your personality and the range of your emotions.


ART can record the history of your 
community or country.

ART can display the culture of your generation.

The Harvey Cooper Award