NEW Logo

The need for a new logo all started because I wanted business cards. I was telling someone about the Harvey Cooper Award at work and the person was asking for more details. So I got a post it note and wrote down as much information as I could on the little square. It didn’t look professional.


I never thought of the award becoming a brand but as I expand and grow my vision of what I want the Harvey Cooper Award to become, I wanted the stamp of a brand new logo. I had done so much on the website and the original logo myself but I knew I was out of my depth to create another logo.


I reached out to a design team. The process was so easy. They sent a series of logo designs. One thing that I am good at is expressing myself. I was very comfortable telling the team what I did and didn’t like. Some logos got a strong “No” response and others got a “Can you change this part”.


We went back and forth a few times until I settled on the Harvey Cooper Award logo in black and white that you see on the website. Then the design team told me that I could be responsible for designing the color scheme. They knew I had a critical eye and handed over the final part of the project to me. I created 6 color schemes variations of purple and blue with colored pencils until one stood out.


Then they put the colors into the Pantone Color Chart website. The colors didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted, so again the team let me go on the website and find the match.


Once the colors were in, I asked the design team to change the size and angle of the H and C in the Harvey Cooper Award logo. It was literally less than 1 mm but I needed it to look right to my eyes.


Never be afraid to make adjustments as you can always change it back. It moved quite smoothly as I was really clear about what I wanted. The team was very patient with all my changes. It’s OK to be picky when you are creating a product that represents you.


The design team and I created a logo that I am proud of to represent the Harvey Cooper Award brand.